Have you ever written down a message and pressed the send key, and discovered immediately that you really shouldn’t have sent it?. The human words is analogous to the send key.once it is ‘pressed’ the message is automatically sent and cant be retrieved.
I happened to be driving with an uncle of mine who happened to be this cool,calm and collected individual,when someone suddenly cut him off in traffic.all of a sudden there was this loud outburst and he turned into someone I never knew him to be. This made me conclude that there’s no individual who doesn’t have anger and rage inside of them,sooner or later it would manifest whenever it comes in contact with a ‘catalyst’.Therefore,we should be careful what kind of words we allow get out from our mouth during the brief period of ‘insanity’ as words cannot only be hurtful, but life lasting.I still remember hurting words said to me over 5 yrs ago and I also know of many friendships that have broken up as a result of a words said in anger or frustration.
So the next time you get ready to say something strong or send an email that may be caustic in nature as a result of the way you feel,just wait!…slow down!…think and be sure before u go ahead and press ‘send’. Many conflicts would not happen if we were to pray for Gods guidance and wait before talking.