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ChRiStMaS Is heRE aGaIN!!!

……the goose are getting fat, the purses are getting lean….

The Christmas season comes along with it great amount of expenses. It surprises me how individuals and families start saving from the middle of year just to celebrate Christmas, and would do whatever it takes to ensure that their purses are full just for the dec. period, and later get stranded from the first day of the new year………………….. So please let whatever plans you have for Christmas include the first month of the new year.

Well, One of the reasons I love Christmas is the briskness it brings in the air and the glow on the faces of kids. Christmas is about giving and sharing love, however I noticed that rather than giving in love and out of thoughtfulness, people give because it is ‘expected’……………….So Please let us all give cheerfully, thoughtfully and out of love this Christmas. It is by doing so that we can really understand the great gift of Christmas, remember john 3:16.

Another thing that bothers me is the manner in which people take away ‘Christ’ from Christmas by replacing Him with an ‘X’. Remember an ‘X’ stands for an unknown variable and off course we do know who we are celebrating– Christ. It wouldn’t take us more than 2 seconds to type in ‘Christ’ and leave ‘Christ’ in Christmas…………….So please lets always Remember He is the reason for the season……not  ‘X’ or even Santa clause.

……Wishing y’all a Merry Christmas….Christ will soon be a year older….


Have you ever written down a message and pressed the send key, and discovered immediately that you really shouldn’t have sent it?. The human words is analogous to the send key.once it is ‘pressed’ the message is automatically sent and cant be retrieved.
I happened to be driving with an uncle of mine who happened to be this cool,calm and collected individual,when someone suddenly cut him off in traffic.all of a sudden there was this loud outburst and he turned into someone I never knew him to be. This made me conclude that there’s no individual who doesn’t have anger and rage inside of them,sooner or later it would manifest whenever it comes in contact with a ‘catalyst’.Therefore,we should be careful what kind of words we allow get out from our mouth during the brief period of ‘insanity’ as words cannot only be hurtful, but life lasting.I still remember hurting words said to me over 5 yrs ago and I also know of many friendships that have broken up as a result of a words said in anger or frustration.
So the next time you get ready to say something strong or send an email that may be caustic in nature as a result of the way you feel,just wait!…slow down!…think and be sure before u go ahead and press ‘send’. Many conflicts would not happen if we were to pray for Gods guidance and wait before talking.

The craze for skinny jeans

I really weep as a result of the way our God-giving culture and tradition(as it has to do with fashion) is fast fading away or should I say being replaced by these  ‘modernized fashion consciousness’,borrowed from the Europeans.These calls for great concern as this occurrence has eating so deep into d system that even our elderly ones no longer spank their neighbours children as a result of their craze for these ‘modernized fashion consciousness unlike in the old days.

A vivid example is the craze for the latest fashion and rapid shift to whatevers in example is that of the ‘skinny jeans syndrome’ that has ravaged the majority of our population. don’t still understand why our ladies and guys put themselves in great bondage by wearing these skinny ‘tight’ jeans.what the hell happened to straight cuts and boot cut jeans?.each time I see a girl on tight jeans, I  guess how long it would have taken her to put it on(an hour… maybe two)…I really don’t understand why one would subject herself to such stress and bondage all in d name of fashion.i even went as far as saying I wouldn’t get married to anyone who wear these type of  jean,but I later discovered that except I don’t want to get married I had better get used to d sight and idea, as over 90 percent of ladies wear them.well, just after I tried getting used to the sight of ladies and tight jeans, this ‘tight jean syndrome’ quickly and swiftly moved to the guys.

A couple of days ago I stood at my balcony and saw a couple wearing exactly the same type of jean(both of them skinny),with d guys own appearing to be slightly ‘skinnier’ or ‘tighter’ than that of the ladys’. it’s a really disgusting sight for me seeing a guy on tight jean. Guys on tight jeans don’t look cool,dont look scene …just gay.If guys can put on those,they can as well have a little hand bag around their wrist to go with it. I really hate skinny jeans with an unreasonable passion and can never be caught wearing those,not even in my dreams,they are very unflattering and I cant wait until this (80’s) trend goes away.i have trouble breathing just looking at those pants.i wish we can crawl back to the early 90’s when dresses actually flattered the figure without girls and guy looking like trannies with no style.

The worst thing about these ‘skinny jean madness’ is the fact that i cant seem to find a normal pair of jean in the market anymore.why do they think I would want to wear a pair of jean that I aiint really sure a 12yr old could get into?.It seems as though we tend to ‘overdo’ or ‘over copy’ the culture we borrow from the Europeans.cant we be independent and have our own integrity when it comes to fashion?.why would a young lady be ashamed of putting on her traditional dress and her head-gear (or gele as it is often called here) to a date with her boyfriend.i’ld actually prefer that to a lady putting on tights.i strongly believe that even the European guys wont be able to wear the skinny jeans being worn by the guys here.i begin to ask myself,why isn’t our traditional dresses being ‘copied’ or really used by these Europeans?.

The great works of our fore fathers and ‘fore mothers’, the God giving gift of a descent fashion culture and tradition,is about to be thrown into the abyss. All in the name of modernization and as a result of globalization. Hmmmmm……

The lack of power shortage in u.k for the brief two years  i spent,prompted me to write this,especially after returning to my blessed homeland -Nigeria,to be welcomed by power outage for close to 2 weeks.I really wasn’t bothered then as i had already envisaged that. However in retrospect,what gave me concern the most was the passive population who all acted as though nothing went wrong. I therefore find it as a duty to speak on behalf of ‘these ones’, As the saying goes: in the midst of ‘blind men’,a one eyed man is king.

For a country that aims to be amongst the top 20 countries in the world by the year 2020,i firmly believe that the power sector be critically addressed as there isn’t any country among the present top 20 that still battles with her power sector. It is therefore vital and imperative that my country Nigeria fix her infrastructure,as it has to do with  power.  Getting inspiration from the motivational theorist Abraham Maslow,i believe that the basic needs of  Nigerians in addition to food and shelter is that of  ‘power'(by power i mean electricity).If these needs ‘is‘ met,i have great confidence that the population(organisations inclusive) will contribute (in terms of  aligning itself) towards achieving the countries vision 2020.

I’m glad that as opposed to previously faineant government, this present administration recognizes this fact and therefore has stated its resolve to boost the countries energy output from the present 3000 m/watts (which to me is quite embarrassing) to a minimum of 16000 m/watts by 2011, (which i as of today 16 dec. 2010 don’t think is up to 8,000 watts as there hasn’t been much seen improvement). This is quite acceptable,atleast within the short term,but it must be noted that Brazil,which is a developing country like Nigeria has an energy output of around 90,000 m/watts,with a population of about 180 million people.Other developing countries like china,india,singapore,malaysia for example

are fast escaping from the underdeveloped status to a high level of development because they are simply solving their problems whereas Africa has refused to follow suit.Rather most African  countries are more interested in fighting inter-tribal wars,civil conflict rather than concentrating on the task of nation building.

Unarguably,Every Nation in the world has had to go through some period of political/economic instability and my lovely Nigeria is no different.However,the ability to recover from this period of decline is the hallmark of a great country.I believe my great Nigeria is on the verge of coming out.With the right leaders,the sky would be our limit. However to realize our vision 2020,it is imperative the government look into the other sectors in addition to the power sector (as being in blackout for 2 weeks is no joke), only in this way can my lovely Nigeria become one of the first 20 countries in the world.

God Bless Nigeria…